2020 | The Art of Giving

2020 | The Art of Giving

The Will Flores Fund Current Exhibit

The Art of Giving 2020

In consideration of the safety of our family, friends and patrons, the Board of Directors of The Will Flores Fund regrets to announce we will NOT be hosting THE ART OF GIVING 2020 event/sale.

Christopher’s artwork will be available on-line for purchase in support of our Mission from September 20 till December 1, 2020.

Contact christopher108@att.net to review and purchase art.

We hope to see all of us together for THE ART OF GIVING 2021!

Our goals can only be achieved with the generous support of friends who make our fund-raising efforts successful.

Contributing Artists

Check back to see a complete list of contributing artists.

Grant Recipients

Check back to see a complete list of grant recipients.

Directions to The Art of Giving

The Wm. A. Kerr Foundation Building
21 O’Fallon Street

We dedicate this space to

Because construction projects and street closings make it confusing.

You can no longer simply go to the riverfront and travel north on Leonor
K Sullivan Boulevard.

The best way to go is to take Cole Street east or 4th Street north to
merge into Broadway Northbound and turn right onto O’Fallon Street.
If you end up in the Lumiere complex, go east on Biddle or Carr and go
north on 1st Street.